Apple’s Revenge contra o Gizmodo

recoiledsnake writes “Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has refused to answer its request to attend the company’s big Worldwide Developers Conference keynote this Monday. Apple’s move to ban Gizmodo seems a direct repercussion of Apple’s prototype leak by Gizmodo and subsequent actions of Apple to get the prototype back. Meanwhile, Gizmodo said that it would resort to a live blog to cover the event in case of the ban. This comes a few days after San Mateo County authorities announced that a ‘special master’ had been appointed to assist in the search of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen’s belongings: goods seized as part of a police investigation into the disappearance (and Gizmodo acquisition) of one of Apple’s prototype iPhones. It’s the very device that’s rumored to be announced at the Monday keynote.”


Parece que eles não levaram a bem o acesso ao protótipo e posterior “leak” de imagens do iPhone “4G”, que aconteceu recentemente por parte do Gizmodo.

Tendo em conta que o Gizmodo até devolveu o protótipo e mostrou-se cooperante após a Apple os contactar para devolver o aparelho.

Que acham vocês desta situação?

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