New Custom Menus Feature (and a few others) @

New Custom Menus Feature (and a few others)

by Jane Wells

Have you been hearing a bunch of hubbub around the web lately about the upcoming release of WordPress version 3.0? I know I have, and it’s always fun to hear what people are saying when we get close to a release over at Here on, though, you never have to wait! We merge in the new features as they’re ready, so every one of you gets early access to features that only beta testers are using out in the rest of the world. Yay, right?

This new update to WordPress has a lot of under-the-hood things that you won’t really notice, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you about the new custom menu system, which is pretty exciting. Have you ever wanted to have a different title for one of your pages than the label displayed in your site’s navigation? Ever wanted to change the order of the list of pages to an order you chose yourself? Ever wanted to be able to mix pages, categories, and random links in your navigation instead of your theme deciding for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck! The new custom menus feature will do all those things.

Go to Appearance -> Menus in your dashboard to get started, and follow the directions there. Note: Since this feature is so new, not all themes support it yet. Right now, these themes have the custom menu feature built in: Twenty Ten, Structure, Vostok, Bueno, Enterprise, and Notepad. If you’re using a different theme, don’t fret. We’ll be adding support to more themes, but in the meantime you can still play with custom menus by using the new widget called, amazingly enough, Custom Menu. This widget will let you add any of the custom menus you create to one of your sidebars/widget areas.

Menus are the big new feature for you guys, but there are a couple of other things worth noting:

  • Have you noticed the lighter color scheme for your dashboard? Now more than ever, being in your WordPress administration tool is about focusing on your content without being distracted by the tool itself.
  • If you turn on privacy controls, you’ll see a little reminder note next to your site title in the dashboard, so that when you’re ready for search engines to crawl your site again, you won’t forget to change the setting.
  • Help! The help tabs now include simple instructions/tips about the screen you’re on, rather than just linking to the support forums and documentation. Those links are still there, but now you can save a step if you’re stuck and need to know how something works.

I hope you guys enjoy the new features!


É bom ver como o acompanha o desenvolvimento do WordPress(.org) 😉 Quem sabe se um dia me deixarem usar custom domain à borla e/ou passe a ter uma poderosa integração com redes sociais ou ainda os “Press This” passe a ser tão inteligente como o “Share on posterous” me mude para lá.





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